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Frequently Asked Questions


What are hormones?

Hormones are tiny chemical messengers that are secreted into the bloodstream continuously by the endocrine glands to regulate vital organ function.  Hormones stimulate a multitude of necessary processes throughout the body; which maintain health, growth, healing, harmony, and repair.

What is the difference between regular hormone replacement therapy vs Bio-identical hormone replacement?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT, uses plant derived hormones that are molecularly identical to the hormones that our bodies produce: estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and others. Unlike synthetic hormones that are derived from animals or in test tubes and then modified by drug companies for patent protection and profit, BHRT is individualized, more natural and likely safer with fewer side effects. Since your body doesn’t produce synthetic hormones, laboratory testing does not show levels in the body of synthetic hormones. Levels of bioidentical hormones, however, can be measured, and dosages adjusted for optimal response.

What is your new patient procedure?

To become a new patient with us please call the office number and set up an appointment. You can check on our insurance page to see if your insurance covers hormone replacement. We also offer affordable plans for patients without insurance.

Testosterone for women?

Although testosterone is the primary male hormone, women also benefit from its supplementation. Levels of testosterone decline with age in men and women. At optimal levels, testosterone increases bone density, and bone formation, enhances energy and sex drive, decreases body fat, increases muscle strength, lowers blood pressure and modulates cholesterol levels. Testosterone is a hormone that neither men nor women should be without as they venture into their fifties and beyond

How do I get my prescription refilled?

Simply call our office at 801-825-6597 and dial option #1  Leave a voicemail with the prescriptions your looking to refill, your birthdate, what pharmacy you want it called into, and any other notes or special requests. Please note it takes up to 72 hours for refills to be processed.

How long until I start noticing changes in my health with hormone replacement?

Each patient is different and will notice any number of changes, but most people begin to notice changes in their mood, energy levels, libido, metabolism, vitality, regeneration within 4-6 weeks.

Do I need to fast when I do my blood draws?

Your physician will request specific things be tested only some of which require you to be fasting.  Typically you will only need to fast for 6-8 hours. Drinking water, taking suppliments and medications as normal are encouraged except those injecting testosterone.  For those doing injections blood draws are scheduled on an injection day and patients are asked to inject after their draw.

How long does it take for my prescriptions to be called in?

Allow for 72 hours for your prescriptions to be called in.  Prescriptions are only called in during business hours.  Patients will recieve a text when it is sent to the pharmacy of their choice.  A good practice is to ask for a refill when your about 80% through your current prescription.

Is hormone replacement safe?

Yes. There are countless studies that have shown not only the safety of hormone therapy, but also the long-term health benefits. This assumes that treatment is done properly, and monitored on a regular basis.

Does your clinic offer help for sexual disfunction?

Absolutely. We have many solutions available for both men and women.

Will my insurance cover my hormone therapy?

The majority of insurances support hormone therapy, contribute to lab draws, and cover medications but there are some that are exclusions. Please refer to the tab at the top of the page titled "Insurance" to see what insurance companies are paneled with us.

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